June 17

God First – The magic masterplan

I thought I figured out everything: love, health, business, and finances. But then everything came crashing down, and it felt like starting over again, albeit differently. Yet, amidst it all, life was magical. Three years ago, I embarked on a journey toward God. Today, I surrender to God's plan, putting Him first - and like many others who have done the same, words fail to capture the magic. It's indescribable!

I live by three simple steps: 1. Surrender. 2. Receive guidance. 3. Work the guidance. My master plan has transformed. If you want it, there's a one-page magical master plan that I'm happy to share with you. You can find it here: https://www.iimami.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/06/Magic-Masterplan-A4.pdf

Life is magical, peace within me, love, and the understanding that we have access to everything!

In this inspiring podcast episode, I share my journey of putting God first and embracing the magic of surrendering to His divine plan. Discover how shifting my master plan transformed my life and allowed me to experience a deep sense of peace, love, and the realization that we have unlimited access to everything we need. Join me on this unique path and unlock the magic within you.

If you wish, you're welcome to make a donation as a token of appreciation for the podcast. Any amount will be gratefully received, and it's completely voluntary. Love from Iisa.


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