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Transformative 8 Day

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In a world undergoing profound change, our approach to the new year requires a fresh perspective. Join Simeon and Iisa on an 8-day journey where we craft your path for 2024 in love, freedom, and abundance. Putting God first is our foundation. Regardless of your belief in God, you'll find this event life-transforming if you choose to embrace it.

The key advantage of the  2024 Path

From a young age, we are programmed, and now the programming we receive includes fear, control, scarcity, stress, uncertainty, and more. Join us for 8 days where we reprogram the life you secretly dream of, and show you how to create it regardless of the external world. 

We've offered you a golden price for the event, with a value at least 10 times more. Join us on this extraordinary journey!

Embark on the 8-Day Transformational Journey of 2024 Path:

Day  1: Wow the now!

Step into the present moment with awareness and mindfulness, discovering the transformative power of embracing the now.We will help you with practical steps of embracing the present moment. 

Day  2: The magic masterplan

Unveil the secrets of a masterplan that empowers you to navigate life's twists and turns, unlocking the pathway to your dreams.

Day  3: Expand your life

Dive into a journey of personal growth and expansion, exploring ways to elevate every aspect of your life.

Day  4: From fear to love

Confront and transcend fear, paving the way for a life grounded in love, compassion, and inner peace.

Day  5: Abundance with ease

Learn the art of attracting abundance effortlessly, creating a life of prosperity and fulfillment.

Day  6: Surrender and fly

Embrace surrender as a pathway to liberation, allowing yourself to soar to new heights of self-discovery and empowerment.

Day  7: Receive guidance

Open yourself to divine guidance and intuitive insights, fostering a deeper connection with your inner wisdom.

Day  8: Serve with joy

Discover the joy in serving others, as you contribute positively to the world around you, creating a ripple effect of positivity and kindness.

Day  9: Q&A Bonusday 

               + Next step together

Get answers to your burning questions, gaining deeper insights into the transformative concepts explored over the past eight days. We also share the opportunity to join us on a longer journey in 2024.

The ultimate experience package

Living from within and radiating love enables you to attract and manifest on a new level. Everything is available to you!

Being together live is the ultimate experience, so we've chosen to create 2024 Path with live broadcasts that will grant you a lifetime access. After the 8 days, you will  also receive an ebook, audiobook, and audio files to support your ongoing journey - we want to provide you with the best for your 2024 Path! We believe in you!

On day 1, you'll also receive a workbook that supports you throughout these days and the entire year.

Bonuses - Receive powerful audios & videos now!

Bonuses! Starting from January 19th, we'll send out a new short video daily, preparing you for these 8 days in the best possible way and  you will also get  two additional audios to prepare you to release your past and to embrace the now.

What others are saying...

Expand your life with God

Hello Iisa and Simeon :-) Thank you so much for this has become a part of me; I have been transformed. Through many tears, my body has learned to recognize in understanding, joy, and gratitude. What an energy of love this is! It just has to be experienced! To you who are afraid to take a leap, Let Love into your life, you deserve it. 


Anita Reierstad

An event that made me faithful

The event with Iisa & Simeon took me closer to my heart and God. I feel that their story helped me to open up within myself and realize that anything can happen, that life is a miracle. We just have to believe and have faith in it. Thank you so much! I love you❤️





 I'm Simeon Kibarabara. I am a preacher of the Everlasting word of the God. I was born and raised in Nairobi Kenya.I am currently living in Gothenburg Sweden. I have walked with God since the age of 14 years when I surrendered my life to God. I have been inspiring and empowering many people over the years.

God has used me as an encourager and a rebuilder to many who feel down and beaten by the issues of life. To lift them up to a place where they feel empowered to rise up again and live a fulfilled life.





I'm Iisa Mari Persen. Hailing from the beautiful landscapes of Norway.  In my journey, I draw upon my personal experience with cancer to support you in your transformational path. My life has revolved around rewriting the narrative. Despite a challenging childhood, facing bankruptcy, and receiving an incurable cancer diagnosis, I bravely rewrote my story.

Today, I am living a life with God. I am blessed with a fulfilling love life, robust health, and thriving businesses. I wholeheartedly embrace and cherish every moment of my existence.


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You are warmly invited to join us for 8 magical days alongside the others who are ready and eager to choose the Journey of becoming the new you in 2024, no matter what!