February 20

Fisher of men

I am a fisher of men who is led by God. The world has turned upside down. We are called to perform new deeds in new ways. It is not by chance that you are alive right now. Your mission awaits you. 

It's five in the morning, and I've already been awake for a couple of hours. The coffee machine is dispensing the second cup, while I pray for the Holy Spirit to come upon me to support the words to be delivered today. 

«You have me because I said I would take care of you," reads the cup given to me by my best friend. Today, I connect it to God and think that God is saying these words to me. God takes care of me, and all who desire Him to take care of them. 

I have become a fisher of men. Fishing for people to show them the way to God. It's exciting to live now, and I thank God for allowing me to be on Earth at this present moment with this mission. 

As a child, I did not grow up in a Christian home, but my two best friends were from a Laestadian family. My task was to lie daily so they wouldn't come home with me and discover that there was always a party at my house. 

A daily struggle to avoid the evil desires of intoxicated men to abuse a little girl. It didn't always go well. At that time, I didn't know I could turn to God; no one had told me. I thought I had to fend for myself because of what I was experiencing.

 Even though I occasionally joined Sunday school with my friends. Then we received cards with stickers - either

 A star in the sky or a fish in a net. Little did I know that as a 48-year-old, I would become a fisher of men. Thank you, dear God, I see that you showed me the way even as a child; I just didn't understand it then. 

A Journey Through Life with Abuse, Violence, Bankruptcy, Incurable Cancer, and Demons that Haunted Me for Many Years... the trials have been numerous. God has been skilled at shaping me. Thank you, dear God. 

 I didn't buy into that story eventually—the victim, the excuses, the fear, the procrastination, the worthless human - who do you think you are? A new narrative was created: the snowplow! A fiercely strong woman leading the way. With weaknesses that God loves to display through His miracles, like being healed from the so-called incurable cancer. Nothing is too difficult for God! 

Africa! My stepfather used to tell my children when they were little and wondered where I was: 'She has gone to Africa!' Little did I know that it would come true one day. Kenya, Nairobi, Norway, Northern Norway, Neiden - I believe people will find these places like gold! It turns everything upside down. 

Technology becomes uninteresting as we return to living, talking, being together, around the 'fire' in some form. People in crises, a world in crisis, we can either fight each other or help each other. 

Will we exchange with each other instead, as the monetary system collapses? Imagine if we truly have everything. Seek first the kingdom of God, and everything will be given to you in addition (Bible). If we don't let fear take us or the temptation to be saved if only... saved for what? It will come in many forms, temptations that - if we are not vigilant - can be easy to succumb to. 

 That's precisely why it's so important to know God's voice. What does God say? If it doesn't come from God, I won't listen to it or shape my life around it. 

I 've had enough of social media, not like the times when we simply shared our lives, but the era as a businesswoman in social media. A force that draws you in and captures you, fueled by the hunger that they can give you what you dream of. 

 It's enough now. Suddenly I see it so clearly, that when I logged off a few months ago, my energy was different - I was free! But the business required me to log in again, and once again, there's something taking me down without me understanding what it is. Almost invisible, something that just exhausts me. 

The pursuit of customers is over. I can't take it anymore. I don't want to fish for customers anymore. I just want to fish for people to show them the way to God. That's how it is. The hunt for money is significant for many now, or the impending collapse, the bankruptcies already in the air, like something evil keeping businesspeople awake at night while their families sleep.

The questions that linger in a thousand homes. What should I do? How will I survive? Are we losing the house?   How do I take care of mine? What happens if the monetary system collapses? Should I prep? Is there a new so-called pandemic coming? Will I be forced to vaccinate or chipped? Should I prepare for war? Will there be a third world war? Will life ever be beautiful again? Will the storm ever calm, and when?

A blanket over the world slowly suffocating us. Where is the light? Jesus is the light of the world. God performs miracles. When we believe in something without seeing it, when we pray and believe we will receive. When we don't get angry with God but choose to say yes to our mission. Is love not enough? I don't think so; I believe we need God, for God shows the way, like a lamp at my feet. 

 Holy Spirit, guide me in these words. Grant me the wisdom and strength to do something extraordinary. Let me be the snowplow that clears the path for people who can hardly see. There are so many, God, if only they could say yes to you. I have surrendered my life to you, God; I grew up in a snowstorm and closed roads, and in my uncle's fishing boat.

 Let me clear the way; I go first. Let me fish for people in an unusual way, a special way, a bit crazy, a bit different, with joy. Let joy be with you, dear God. I pray.

«Lazy days»  That's what it says on the pajamas from my dear Simeon. It's ironic. It's anything but lazy days now. I feel burnt out, and at the same time, full of energy because you, God, fill me up with love, with faith, with joy, with peace, and with freedom… just to name a few. You give me rest in the storm.

2024, the year has just begun; it's like a calm storm about to break out. I am not afraid, but I want others not to be afraid. I am not stressed, and I want to help others find peace - despite what awaits us now. Fires, something in the air, surveillance, uncertainty about what's in the food... what and where and when? Don't get caught up in the details; it happens when it happens, something is always happening. The point is, who are we when it happens? What do we do when it happens.

 God builds our character so that no matter what happens, the person we become will save us if we have allowed God to shape us. Some may perceive this as pressure to believe in God. However, it is not possible to force anyone to believe in God.

We humans have free will. We choose for ourselves what to believe. Some believe we are here to spread fear. It's the opposite. We are here to spread love, to share the good news. It's God, His plan for us, His incredible plan for humanity - perhaps slightly forgotten along the way. 

 It's not my responsibility what you believe in, but it is my responsibility to carry out the mission God has for me. I have said yes to God, and then I'm not a Sunday Christian - I choose to be a Christian in a world-class way! Free from religious pointing fingers, but in deep, deep love for God. I prioritize God first.

To listen to God so we can hear God's whispering voice. His patience is impeccable as he waits for us, his children. Thank you, God, for being here with me. Thank you, Jesus, for walking by my side. Thank you, Holy Spirit, for coming over me and giving me peace. Thank you, Father, for being my father, for taking care of your children. Thank you for taking care of me and showing me the way, both in darkness and in light.

 You shall not be put to shame. On the contrary, people will listen to you. When they are ready, they will come to hear. When they are ready, they will come to the fire. 

 Can we break through the wall now, God? I know you have your perfect timing; that's why I have peace. When will you send us to Neiden? When will you send us to Nairobi? 

I am listening more. Neiden is the breakthrough. Neiden is the answer to the breakthrough. I see many of us around the fire in Neiden. In a lavvo. Is it outside the hotel? I don't know. Whether it's my thoughts and desires or if this is God's plan.

Wait a moment; I have let go of my plans. It must be God's plan then. I trust it. I hear the cat Diego crunching on his food. There's drilling and banging on the floor above. Let me listen a bit more. 

Dear God, show me the way, and I will walk. You walk, Iisa, you walk, just keep walking. I surrender once again. I surrender. Dear God, lift me up. I am so tired, not of you, God, but of the other, everything that needs to be done. I just want to be your servant. 

You have chosen this path and said yes to your mission. You know it requires and will require much of you. It's not what wears you out; it's how you have created the world and life. Let go of what is required; you are not here to please people. Let go of it, and I will fix it for you. I know, God, I know. Thank you for reminding me, that you will fix it. I am so tired of fixing it myself. Why do I keep falling into the same trap of trying to fix it myself? Once again, seriously, snap out of it; sharpen me! 

Take off all your burdens; let me carry them for you.

[Oslo, 5.februar 2024] 

 If you want access to the entire series as it is being created, you can find it here under: "From Neiden to Nairobi." 

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