February 12

I love you [Introduction]

I love you [Introduction] 

I love you. I would like to pave the way for you. It's half past two in the morning. My heart. I can't explain; I know words are not enough, but I love you. The world is challenging. Let's love each other. A teacup, honey, chocolate, candles. It may sound romantic and harmonious.

The truth is, I lift up my cross and follow Jesus. How can I pave the way for you? I don't know who you are, whether you like, hate, love, or are indifferent to Jesus. Before, I stayed awake at night to figure out how to get more customers. Now, I stay awake at night to figure out how to fish for more people. I am a fisher of people for God.

God has shaped me in 48 years, with trials like abuse, bankruptcy, incurable cancer, and much more. Yes, I have become this person who now walks on the earth to show the way to God. Fearless of the world.

Jesus loved us first. God created us in His image. God has a plan for each individual. I am practicing loving people as Jesus loves people. We can only become Christ-like. If we can do that, the world will be a good place to live.

It's not about religion. It's about God. It's about Jesus. It's about the Holy Spirit. It's about love. I look at the wrist warmers, the scarf around my neck, the blanket around my body. It's not cold, but I need extra warmth tonight. Such is the feeling that a new journey is beginning, one that is very special, unlike anything else I have experienced in life.

It's not about me. I have no more dreams. I have no more plans. It's empty. It's filled with God. His mission for me, His plan for me, His guidance. Surrender to God.

The need for applause, recognition, success, becoming something, making money, achieving goals... all of that is completely gone. It's strange. All I want is to be guided by God, hear His voice, and do what He guides me to do.

It's beautiful. I love you. I just want to help you, whoever you are. All people are equally valuable. We have free will. God gave us that. I can be a guide, but I can't walk for you.

It can be tough to walk these days, I know. The reason I sit here, awake and writing with joy, despite recently exiting my business - well, that's God. All glory to God.

All glory to Jesus who gave His life on the cross. I love you, Jesus, and I will spend my life showing the way to you. You loved us first. If someone mocks me, I will continue to walk. If someone follows, then we are more.

I trust in miracles. I have experienced miracles before. Now I walk with God, the master of miracles. It's good company. I walk with Jesus, a healer on Earth. The Holy Spirit is with me, cleansing and replenishing strength every day. Words turn into experiences that cannot be explained but can be received, bringing joy, peace, love, faith, hope, abundance, a happiness beyond anything else.

Every day is so exciting, and a deep gratitude for living right now, perhaps when the world needs you most, our Father. I thank you for the mission, for the understanding and wisdom of who I am and what I am to do. It's not up to me who I will have the honor of showing the way to; I just walk ahead with the light in hand, so it's easier to see for those who want to walk with you, Jesus.

[Oslo, February 12, 2024]

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