March 1

Jesus, I need you

Jesus, I need you. 

What do you do when 'nothing' works anymore? The mind doesn't seem to be able to put two thoughts together to take the next right step, even though you have clarity. The body is so tired that it just needs to rest and rest; it never seems to get enough rest.

At the same time, you are on a mission, a mission as meaningful as never before - but the system isn't working. For some people, the purpose isn't there yet; I will get to it. Clarity like never before, it's truly magical! But, evil comes in many forms. The latest I have experienced now is transitioning from violent 'attacks' to 'sneaky' attacks to 'invisible' attacks. Wow, it's incredible! Very heavy, but at the same time, everything happening is fascinating.

I know that this journey cannot be compared to anything I have experienced before, so the past and old experiences and insights are useless. How to move forward? I see no 'faults,' I walk the path with peace but with pain. Big things are happening; I know it, so resistance is more than understandable. In fact, I am grateful for it because then I know I am on the right path. But I am tired; I am ready for the next phase. How to trick the mind, I wonder, into cooperating again? How to deceive the body into believing that it is full of energy?

I am told to keep walking. 'You are on the right path.' Am I burnt out? Yes, I know I have pushed myself quite hard, but the vision I have seen since I was 15 - it does not involve lying in bed now, with a non-functioning brain. Never in my life have I been where I am now! Never! What is the way out of this? Something in me says that this will not last, but I will experience something, be shown something, that will change it in a couple of days. What on earth is it? What is this key?

'Jesus, I need you! Jesus, I need your help!' I connect to God's word, and I ask the Holy Spirit to be my friend. But first, I ask as I always do: 'What can I do for you?' I sit with closed eyes, and before I can 'fall out of it,' I am given the number 7 and these points:

  2. BRAIN
  3. BODY
  4. HOW - WHO
  5. JESUS
  6. GOD

The meaning of life is God. The meaning of life is Jesus. People who do not have a meaning in life like before. I live for God. It is so clear to me; that's why I am here. That's why I am standing today. Evil tries to take your thoughts. When evil gets hold of the thoughts, it becomes tangled. I fill my thoughts with God's word, so I didn't understand why the brain stopped. I haven't written for many days because the brain hasn't been able to function. Now, the words just pour out.

I became aware that evil is smart and enters through hatches, small openings where we are weak. So a 'shutdown' of the brain without visible evil in the picture, it was cunning! The crazy thing is that when I became aware of it, it disappeared - when I got that key! What about the body? Exactly the same, the energy is back, and not just for five minutes, it continues, the body keeps going - just as said: keep walking. It may sound strange, should we not rest? Yes, but there is something wrong when we suddenly need rest around the clock.

Another trap is 'How,' we often ask how, and I have talked about it before, but it's an important point. God shapes our character, us as humans, so ask rather 'who are you?' Who you are will shape what you do. So the point is to be like Jesus and see what he did, are we in love? I understood it when I was going to the store and couldn't walk past a lady sitting on the street. I had to give her money, as if it was my duty. I saw Jesus in her. Jesus would have helped the woman.

I gave her some money and something to eat. A man turned around and smiled at me. I thought, I hope you see Jesus in this. Because what has come so strongly lately: It doesn't help if you are an expert in God's word if we don't live it. Can it shine through us that we walk with Jesus, or are we surprised when we hear that you believe in God?

The purpose is to fish for people for God. Thoughts belong to God. Faith comes by hearing God's word. Thoughts should be filled with God. The body, the Holy Spirit helps our body too. Just ask for the presence of the Holy Spirit. Ask God to come closer to you."


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Jesus, I need you

Jesus, I need you

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