Welcome to Holipa! 

This webinar was recorded last summer but was never published until now. Everything is accurate except for the kickstart price I mention at the end. Instead, a 'Holipa Angel' option has been added, which I've had for several years but haven't activated until now. Therefore, I've created a separate short video below for those who want to learn about the Holipa Angel opportunity. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at post@holipa.net 💜

Master Heart Program Starts on April 1st. 💜

Hello, and welcome to Holipa - Create Dream Places Together!

Thank you very much for your interest. We hope the webinar provided you with the information you needed to determine if Holipa is the right fit for you. Below, we've also included the link to the PDF that was used so you can review the presentation at your convenience. Further down, you'll find an explanation of Holipa using perhaps different words than in the webinar, so please read and assess. We look forward to welcoming you to Holipa, for those who want to be part of this magical concept where we create together!

Would you like to view the presentation used during the webinar?   You can download it HERE.

What is Holipa? 

Holipa is a groundbreaking project that invites you to become a dream builder. Together, we create unique, vibrant dream places in beautiful surroundings. We believe in the power of community, creativity, action, joy - and a touch of madness!

Some may wish to see this unfold from their own living room and be active online. Others may travel to Holipa locations to visit them, be there for recreation, or contribute to building and creating. Some attend courses, while others lead them.

Others still may want to relocate, to live permanently elsewhere or stay in multiple places. Everything is possible!

It could be a cabin in the mountains, the forest, or by the sea. Near a town or quite isolated. It could be houses to be bought, fixed up, and rented out. It could be a campsite, motel, hotel, plots with opportunities to create something. There are no limits here!

People in Holipa, if they wish, can work, travel, settle down, create - get help to get started, join existing projects, create their own project, and receive assistance from others in Holipa. Here, we are together!

A dream place is about so much: people, nature, creative power, transforming something, meeting places... and much more....  

Holipa will pop up all over the world as people join, live, or want to create something in these places. It's like a chain where nothing is the same; each Holipa location is a unique experience so that everyone in Holipa will find something that suits them. Those who visit Holipa places will never get bored because there are special experiences, surprises, development from place to place - whether one wants to rent a cabin and be alone or attend a course at a center.

What is common is the love, the energy of love, generosity, hospitality, freedom, sharing - everyone is equally valuable, everyone has their skills, wisdom, and the ability to create something based on who they are. We are like pieces creating a game together that just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Each individual finds their way and their dream in Holipa - and together, we make it happen - we create dream places together - our dream lives - a dream world. It's time to step into love, and Holipa is a way in.. 

Why Holipa?

Holipa is a focal point to build around. It's not really about properties, but it's a way to do something new, something that can inspire change, and a way to generate income - together. Everyone needs a roof over their head, whether it's while traveling or permanently. A property is a potential to build something around it, like a starting point where one sees opportunities.

Time for action! We can sit and ponder about our lives and the world, but Holipa is looking for those who want to take action - those who see the gold that Holipa represents and the idea behind it. From apathy and shock over the world's developments, Holipa can bring joy to life, hope, belief in something new, the energy to change life for the better - together with others.

A way to "take back life" for some. Many feel like they are stuck in a system, a life they no longer want to be a part of. They long for freedom but see that it's not easy to do it alone. It feels exhausting to bear all the burdens alone, perhaps having done so for a long time.

The world is changing, and so are we, with a shift in what we see as important. Some dream of a quieter life, living elsewhere but don't quite know how. In Holipa, the possibilities will be many - and we create them together based on those who are part of Holipa and their dreams + smart thinking about how to make a living from this. This is romance while being smart. These are not daydreams but dreams that are created in everyday life.

Together is the best! Some dream of changing everything but don't know how, and the dream remains just a dream. When we are more, dreams can be realized more easily. Imagine: someone dreams of buying something but is afraid to take the chance alone or cannot. By investing in Holipa, you become part of many dreams and have your share in it. You can get help to realize your dream place if you want.

People with time and skills! Imagine starting a project; wow, there are so many tasks! How will you reach your goal? Imagine getting help from others in Holipa to realize the project because everyone is passionate about something - or has knowledge about it - they have time - and they want to, because they are also part of Holipa! Or maybe you are the one helping various projects get realized - by doing what you find fun! It's your dream, to travel around - or stay in a place where you get to realize yourself, magical! Everyone finds their place with their passion - together.

The time is now! The awakened ones know what's going on. More are becoming curious. What's really happening in the world? What are we a part of? How do we want to live our lives? Fear of the future or joy in the present? Holipa is joy! Yes to more fun, more madness, more creation of something fantastic - together! The waiting room is not a permanent place or observing what happens without taking any action. Those who know, know. Those who don't know will soon find out - when we choose to see and listen to something other than what is presented directly to us. Regardless of what is true or not, Holipa will grow, it's happening now. The ball is rolling, and we can play our game or sit on the bench and watch. In Holipa, we play - the game of life! The game of life is now!

Many will need help! Instead of waiting for chaos (which has already been happening for a couple of years now)... Holipa is here to create something that enables us to help many to a better life. Something is being created that moves away from rushing, stressing, worrying about the next day, fear, excuses, playing the victim, wondering about the meaning of life... to being in the present, in joy, using oneself meaningfully, love, freedom, and the abundance of the good.

A match for those who want to pay for experiences and those who want to create them - for those who want to build and those who want to visit. One of the smartest things we can do is to match something. So many want to create something, travel to something else, move to something else - Holipa provides the opportunity to do that, yes with an investment - otherwise, it would have just been a castle in the air. The investment in Holipa is used to invest in places and to develop Holipa - which, in turn, gives back to those who are involved.

Many will travel to special places and experience unique experiences. When everything is falling apart or everything is beautiful, we humans desire experiences. Some dream their whole lives of experiencing the Northern Lights. Others want to travel to warm regions. Some want to go to "undiscovered" places, some to something that just captivates them, they just have to stay in that accommodation, that place. Holipa will welcome those who want to travel to Holipa places, whether it's for accommodation, courses, experiences... we are here!

Fulfill your dreams! Create magic - together with us!

Are you dreaming of creating your own paradise? Do you want to be part of an inspiring community? Then Holipa might be the place for you!

Why start in Northern Norway? 

Here is an immense amount of nature - a continuous retreat for body and soul! There are many magical opportunities on the property front that can be transformed into something truly special. The prices are low, so we can create something without waiting; it's just about getting started! What projects should be initiated? It's actually a secret! It may sound strange, and Holipa is unique - those who are part of Holipa are also the ones who choose which projects to start - yes, for those who want to get involved in this. There are several projects in the pipeline, but since you are here in the first round, there are no official projects yet; they are not disclosed until they are purchased and underway.

There are cabins, houses, hotels, plots, and something very special in one of the many magical areas in the north - which is on the table here in Holipa. Perhaps you, precisely, are one of those who will be there from the beginning to choose the first project?

This is super exciting! Perhaps Holipa is meant to give you more joy, meaning, and opportunities in life?  

It is said that Norway is not prepared for all the people who will visit. We believe in that. At the same time, we believe more people will head north; here, you can find something truly unique - with the Northern Lights, Midnight Sun, special places with breathtaking nature! There is space! In the north, there are immensely beautiful places, and the space is vast; there is room for many!

Done in a smart way, we can simultaneously preserve the magical tranquility in the north. People will come anyway, I believe. This is an invitation to join in shaping this in a beautiful way together - for the benefit of those who already live in the north, those who want to travel there, and those who want to move there.


Holipa is for those who envision something new for themselves. Those who want to be part of something exciting and co-create.

Holipa is not "ready-made." It's a concept that we create together. It's a bit crazy, but it's often those crazy ideas that can turn into something truly special. It's just more fun to create together! At the same time, we can achieve much more. This is for those who want to develop something special together with many others.

Are you adventurous?

Holipa is for you if you love going on adventures, someone who enjoys discovering something new - whether it's while traveling or in your own surroundings.

Eager to do something new? 

Holipa is for you if you are open and curious about doing something new. For you who have a desire to challenge yourself.

Interested in creating with others?

Holipa is for you if you want to create and enjoy working in a team. You see that together we can truly grow.

How does Holipa work? 

HHolipa is starting now! Take this with you when considering Holipa, remember that you can be part of creating this together with us. Those of you who are here are among the first to hear about it. At the same time, I have been running Purple World - a network for almost 2 years + so Holipa is a natural development.


Number 1 is love! Focus on supporting each other - creating together. Holipa is Dream Building! Those who are part of it receive support for their dreams in every way we can contribute.


The first phase is about gathering people ready for Holipa. Together, we evaluate projects that are exciting and suitable for those involved now. Northern Norway is the first 'region' where we activate Holipa.


The focus is for Holipa to work for both those who are part of Holipa and for those who visit Holipa places - so that those who are part of Holipa can benefit, and at the same time, we can expand Holipa for the benefit of all. 


When Holipa generates revenue, it also goes back to those who are part of it in the form of Holipay - everyone who joins receives a certain number of stars depending on the Holipa package they choose.Those who are part of it can also earn stars by contributing.


Everyone in Holipa can also be an affiliate. This means that when they recommend others to discover Holipa, the one making the recommendation receives 10% of the investment made. Holipa members can also be affiliates for bookings and courses made at Holipa locations.


10% goes to aid projects, 30% to Holipa Company, 30% to each individual location, and 30% to Holipay (distributed among those who are part of it based on the number of stars). There can be several variations in distribution - when Holipa members want to create their place, they can choose their desired ownership, and together we will find a fair distribution. This is worked out together with the first group to join.


Holipa has no expiration date, so one is a part of it as long as one desires. Holipa will be established in many places, providing a fantastic opportunity to connect with many new contacts while traveling for those who wish to. We also focus on the online aspect, building it simultaneously with Holipa. 


This is a start; the idea behind Holipa is collaboration - that's why these are just guidelines. Looking forward to having more people together for development. The Purple World network, which is already established, will also become a natural part of Holipa.


One-time investment: Join the Holipa Community, get the Master Heart Program, and be part of a love movement where we build and create together!


Community, Your Dream Place, Holipay - 13 stars



Everything in Community + Holipa Partner, VIP Week, Holipay - 22 stars



Everything in Community + Holipa Partner, VIP Week, Holipay - 22 stars + "Your Room"


From Northern Norway to Nairobi with Holipa - Want to join us

We are at the beginning now with something so exciting that it cannot be covered in a few words... But we can say that Holipa is an incredible journey where we will create from the north of Norway to Nairobi - and everything in between! We know that those who join Holipa do so with faith and trust, and the desire to use themselves; we are all unique - let's create together going forward! You are warmly welcome if you feel that this is right for you. 

Master Heart Program 2024

Hello again, dear. A few weeks ago, the MHP - Master Heart Program was delivered to us. The guidance was to do this program in English together. The program is not sold separately but is an amazing free bonus for everyone in the Holipa Community! Iisa has done a program like this several times before, and the price has been from 100,000 - 129,000 NOK. The difference now is that you get two dedicated individuals, walking with God, and who will give the best we can offer through a whole year of MHP.

The magical thing is that when the year is over, our collaboration and network don't stop, no way! We have Holipa! You choose your focus through MHP; some say everything is in the mind, but we would say everything is in the heart! MHP is in English, but very easy to understand English, and we also have a Norwegian group, so we create it together in Norwegian as needed. Master Heart Program Starts on April 1st.  2024. 

Warmly welcome, Iisa & Simeon 💜

MODULE  1: Wow the now!

God wants to set you free from your past so that you can fully embrace your now. Don't let your past define your present. Take this step into the present moment with awareness and mindfulness, discovering the transformative power of embracing the now. We will help you with practical steps of embracing the present moment. 


As we connect with God and acknowledge him for guidance it is then that he will empower us to navigate life's twists and turns, unlocking the pathway to your dreams.


The plan of God is for us to increase in all levels of life. Dive into a journey of personal growth and expansion, exploring ways to elevate every aspect of your life both spiritually and physically.


God has not given us a spirit of fear but a spirit of love. The peace of just knowing that God is with us is enough to break any forms of fears that you may be dealing with. We are going to confront fear and pave  the way for a life grounded in love, compassion, and inner peace.


God is the God of Abundance. It is his will and plan that we live a life of prosperity and fulfillment. We are going to show you on how to break the mindset of lack and connect you into a path of abundance with ease.


The moment you surrender to God is the moment you enter into a pathway of liberation. This will allow you to soar to new heights of self-discovery and empowerment.


God gives generously guidance to those that are willing to receive. He will always guide you in the right path. Open your heart to divine guidance and intuitive insights, fostering a deeper connection with your inner wisdom.


Serving with joy  transforms lives. Discover the joy in serving others, as you contribute positively to the world around you, creating a ripple effect of positivity and kindness. This hurting world needs our Joy,passion and love.

Master Heart Program Starts on April 1st. 💜