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Iisa Mari Persen

The Zero Fight Journey

From terminal cancer to 9 years cancer free

A powerful story and guide to

transform your life

Hello dear friend. I guess you also, like most people, want to live a great life! Things get in the way, stuff happens, and time flies.. you know, it's about your story. The greatness of the story of our lives is that it can be changed! Sometimes we experience really hard times, and sometimes it's because we are finding new insights and we are supposed to share this with others.

The world is changing, and I believe it will be more love and friendly from now on. I think it's possible to transform the world and to do that, we need to start with ourselves. To transform our lives. Its time. I want to help you with your transformation and to do that I want to share something special with you. 

Join me on my remarkable journey from being diagnosed with incurable cancer to living nine years in vibrant health. In this book, available in both audiobook and ebook, I share my inspiring story of resilience, hope, and the power of love. Gain valuable insights and practical tips on healing, both physically and emotionally. This book is a beacon of light for those facing similar challenges and seeking guidance on their own healing journeys.

About me


I'm  Iisa 

Allow me to introduce myself, I'm Iisa (with a double "ii," not Lisa 😉). Hailing from the beautiful landscapes of Norway, this marks my first venture into expressing myself through the written word in English. As you read these lines, you might even catch a glimpse of the North Norwegian vibe that resonates with me, with visions of the mesmerizing midnight sun and the ethereal dance of the aurora borealis.

We all possess our unique stories, and while you have yours, I have mine. In my journey, I draw upon my personal experience with cancer to support you in your transformational path. My life has revolved around rewriting the narrative. Despite a challenging childhood, facing bankruptcy, and receiving an incurable cancer diagnosis, I bravely rewrote my story.

Today, I am living a life of freedom, and I'm currently in the midst of relocating to the enchanting island of Patmos in Greece. The transformation I've undergone is nothing short of remarkable. I am blessed with a fulfilling love life, robust health, and thriving businesses. I wholeheartedly embrace and cherish every moment of my existence.

Join me as we embark on this transformative journey together, transcending the limitations of our past and stepping into a life of abundance, joy, and fulfillment.

But this is not about me, it's about you! 

I am just sharing because I want you to see that: "If she can do it, so can I!" When I got incurable cancer I searched for stories - books, podcasts, videos, courses, blogs... everything I could find.

I found a lot! I see it as my duty to share my story, energy work, tools, strategy, everything possible to help as many people as possible every day I live on this planet.

So, here is the deal. I have been working in Norway and sharing this journey since 2005 when I started my first blog. Public speaking, books, courses online and offline, mastermind, VIP, media... and I love it! But recently I have been thinking so much about that there are so many people out there that don't live in Norway. I want to guide and help more people.

This is not about cancer, even though I share my cancer story. Cancer is just one of the challenges I had, but I am thinking: "if you can transform incurable cancer, you can do it all!"
So you can use everything I share and put it into your life, and ask yourself: "How can I use this in my life, and my wanted transformations?"

This audiobook and ebook is a start of something much much bigger, and to kickstart that - and to share the concept of how you can use this in your life - if it's love, health, business, or finances... doesn't matter, there is a special way of doing this.

Exited - with total inner peace... 

Honestly, the day I got incurable cancer I knew I was going to share this with the world. I had no fear of dying of cancer. But in 2013 I didn't know how and why. I started to share in Norway, and so many rude comments came when I shared the cancer story. I didn't see all the good ones, they drowned. You know, changing and believing in what your purpose is, needs power and total inner peace. Today I have that. The voices I don't hear anymore, just people cheering and ready to be inspired to transform themselves.