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Hi, Iisa here! Warm welcome to a magical opportunity together with all of us in Purple World! Watch the video and find out if The Purple World Community is for you. If you want to read you can download here. 

Purple World - a magical network where you get what you need when you need it... and so much more...

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Why Purple World 


Join Purple World where a one time investment grants you lifelong entry into a “family”, access to different centers all around the world  - where you can combine pleasure with creativity. Be a part of the beginning. 


What if you could be yourself 100%. What if you could be recognized for sharing your true self. What if you could get paid for being you. Do you want to be creative, thrive, live, have fun? You can be a part of a wholehearted community.


We are here to welcome you, support you and encourage you to finally realize that inner destiny. That little thing within that truly is you but somehow always lays idle. We offer a few very important sparks to realize that potential.

What you need when you need it

Purple World Explained shortly...

A new Way of Living

There are different opportunities in life - a new way of living. This way is already here, and it is possible for you to actually live it now. There is no time to lose. You don’t have to wait for everything to be ready and sorted out, there is no time for perfection. Your journey of life is always a “destination in creation.”  

The World Today

The world may seem chaotic and unsafe. Some have lost hope and no longer find space for dreams and vision. Many have experienced big life changes and are uncertain of the road ahead. Do you recognize some of this? Or all?

Everything is accessible - for you 

Are you among those of us feeling no need to own stuff? Perhaps you radiate an energy of lacking? Know this: The Universe listens to you and may grant you access to all that you desire. In Purple World you have every opportunity to start realizing your potential for success. Everything is possible

Get paid for being YOU

Do you love energizing other people or are you perhaps a creative inventor? In this new world you can realize your passions and earn a living from them. In Purple World you have the opportunity to be employed or create your own living. Don’t know what you want to be when you grow up? Perhaps you know WHAT you want to do but not HOW? That is ok - how is actually none of your business. Have faith in the process.

Your Journey

Perhaps you want to travel to different centers around the world - or just be on holiday? Do you want to create a center where you live? You can develop such a center. We are in the process of developing such locations in Greece and India. We are in possession of land in Møysalen, the Portal to Lofoten. This is an opportunity to a journey on many levels!

A movement

Already as a 15-year-old Iisa got a calling to create a center, and the name Purple World has stayed with her for many years without fully understanding what it actually is. Naturally, what we create now is groundbreaking. It isn’t possible to be prepared for what is coming. The journey in itself invites a life changing experience. That is an important part of your new way of living - to live in trust and focus on the next step.

In a joint community we co-create a new world. It is beautiful, powerful and it is of utmost importance. Iisa takes on her life task and spreads the concept around the world. Right now we are at the starting point and we gather a community of people in this “family” of guides, helpers, light-workers. We want to make way for a groundbreaking movement - of love.

About Iisa


I'm  Iisa 

Allow me to introduce myself, I'm Iisa (with a double "ii," not Lisa 😉). Hailing from the beautiful landscapes of Norway, this marks my first venture into expressing myself through the written word in English. As you read these lines, you might even catch a glimpse of the North Norwegian vibe that resonates with me, with visions of the mesmerizing midnight sun and the ethereal dance of the aurora borealis.

We all possess our unique stories, and while you have yours, I have mine. In my journey, I draw upon my personal experience with cancer to support you in your transformational path. My life has revolved around rewriting the narrative. Despite a challenging childhood, facing bankruptcy, and receiving an incurable cancer diagnosis, I bravely rewrote my story.

Today, I am living a life of freedom, and I'm currently in the midst of relocating to the enchanting island of Patmos in Greece. The transformation I've undergone is nothing short of remarkable. I am blessed with a fulfilling love life, robust health, and thriving businesses. I wholeheartedly embrace and cherish every moment of my existence.

Join me as we embark on this transformative journey together, transcending the limitations of our past and stepping into a life of abundance, joy, and fulfillment.

What Other People In Purple World Family Say... 

My membership in Purple World has made big impacts in my life. PW is so much for me. First and foremost I feel so strongly connected with a lot of resourceful and beautiful people that are supportive and nice. They are all positive and supportive and offer support when I need it. I can get assistance with my business, coaching in my personal development or it could just be an offer to participate in a free Yoga class in one of the centers. 

As a member of Purple World I also get the opportunity to check in at Tjeldøya the first week of every month for a total of 30 stays. Here I find recreation either in taking part in deep and meaningful conversations, or I can just enjoy the wild and picturesque surroundings here. Northern Norway is truly spectacular. 

Pauline Gjems

I don’t even know how to describe Purple World! It means so much to be a part of this community. I call it my family, my “tribe”. Here I connect with many like minded people. They notice who I am, they listen to what I have to say, they understand and accept me just the way I am. 

We are a team that connects, establishes networks and collaborates with those that we bond with. I am so incredibly thankful to be a part of this community. Some I have only met online, others I meet regularly - in any case everybody's energies are always present.

Many of us want to take part in creating a new way of living and live in the presence of love. We want to create something together and be helpful towards others. 

Usually we have a morning gathering where we share our present states of minds - the directions we are moving towards. Everybody gets the opportunity to share what springs to their minds. There is no pressure to be or feel in a certain way, we can simply be a part of the crowd - nobody expects something particular from me. 

I feel included by everyone here! If I dream of creating something, there is always someone there to inspire me, to motivate me, or just to support me all the way through. 

I notice that Purple World is in continuous development. In the beginning there was only Iisa and Ragnar, now there are many more that contribute, and there are so many exciting things going on. 

I look forward to every gathering with the members of Purple World be it either in Tjeldøya Castle, The Embassy, or in the near future, Patmos in Greece. My dream is to have a center in Finnmark soon as well! 

I am truly grateful to be a part of this. For me, this is an investment in life itself. 

Hanne Holan

In 2016 I painted this work in purple and gold. The following years it came to represent a certain longing I had to find like minded spirits to co-create a community with. I imagined that everybody flourished in different ways and took part in creating a particular center - a whole community where everybody contributes with what they are skilled at. Creating a new world, where we are true to our hearts and minds. 

Some part of me always knew that this would happen at some point. 

In March I attended a webinar where Iisa presented Purple World. This connected with me on a deep level. It was just the thing I had envisioned. All my energy vibrated with excitement! Now I am just so excited about the future we are about to create as a community.

Iisa is the visionary that lays out the path, establishes the foundation, and makes sure that the basis is provided for. She has provided a center in Tjeldøya with overnight accommodation, a day center in Oslo, and is now in the process of establishing the first international center in Patmos, Greece. Who knows what will be the next step? 

I am so happy and grateful for being a part of this Purple World community. It is a heartworm and open minded gathering of people. I have an increasing belief that this will grow into something big that makes a great impact in people’s lives. 

That initial vision I had doesn't seem that distant and remote, it is actually here right now!

As long as the heart is in, everything is possible. 

Kari Elisabeth Kroken 

Purple World is Priceless!

Previously, I had a list of "what is included in your investment." I have removed it because I see that it cannot possibly cover everything Purple World is. Those who join do so with trust and love and feel that this is right. A VIP with me used to pay $12,900 for one year. The value of what PWC is can be multiplied many times, but it is impossible to price because we create and build together. This is not about numbers. 

I want those who naturally join to come and be at the centers, create together, contribute, work, get paid for being themselves, and use their expertise if they want to. While others will use their time to seek and live their soul's purpose, and that is perfect. That's why I say that someone in PWC always has a 50% discount at all centers if they just want to "receive." 

If someone wants to contribute, they can be there for free, only paying for their meals. It is impossible to categorize this, so no old listing of the value of PWC is provided. From my heart and soul, I wish the very best for you if you want to be a part of it. We create together, build together, and experience joy together - where everything simply is.

I have been guiding people for over 20 years - in self-development, spirituality, health, business, finance, lifestyle, soul purpose, taking action - there's so much, and all this knowledge is available to you in various forms in Purple World. Workshops, whatever you desire, it all comes together to create a magical whole.

In Purple World, you will have the opportunity to tap into my extensive experience and expertise gained over these years. I am passionate about helping individuals like you transform their lives and unlock their true potential. Whether you are seeking personal growth, spiritual enlightenment, improved health, financial abundance, or finding your life's purpose, Purple World offers it all.

Imagine immersing yourself in transformative workshops, where you can learn, grow, and connect with like-minded individuals on a similar journey. The knowledge and insights you will gain from these experiences will empower you to make positive changes and create the life you truly desire.

Purple World is not just a collection of information; it is a supportive community that nurtures your growth and provides a space for collaboration and co-creation. Together, we build a vibrant ecosystem where ideas flow, dreams are realized, and lasting connections are formed.

No matter where you are on your path, Purple World welcomes you with open arms. Whether you're a seeker ready to explore new realms of consciousness or an achiever looking to take your success to greater heights, you'll find the resources, guidance, and inspiration you need to thrive.

Join Purple World today and unlock the boundless possibilities that await you. Together, let's embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and joyful living. The magic of Purple World is waiting to unfold in your life.